Who: artdc Gallery
What: Red
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 9/29/13 ? 10/27/13
Reception: Saturday 10/5/13 7-10pm
Twitter: @artdc

James Landry
(Image Credit: James Landry)

Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red…Roger Cutler and artdc have developed an exhibition of Red art! That’s right, the color red. From abstract, portraits, and beyond there is a wide range of work in this show with the simple theme of Red. This was an open call show, and the art work must have red in it to be in this show! Join us for our reception!


Alan Rich |
Barb Januszkiewicz | @BarbinstudioA |
Dana Ellyn | @danaellyn |
Deborah FitzGerald | @artfitz |
Elizabeth Willaims | @ewpaintings |
Grayson Heck | @Grayson_Heck |
Hanna Kebbede | @HannaKebbede |
Hebron Chism | Hebron Chism
Jim Landry | @nicoleburton |
John Gascot | @latinpop |
Laurie Tylec | @laurietylec |
Lisa K Rosenstein | @LisaKRosenstein |
Lori Anne Boocks | @LoriAnneBoocks |
Marcel Richter | @mgfr2005 |
Marcel Taylor | Marcel Taylor
Marty Scheinberg | @Martys522
Matt Sesow | @sesow |
Melissa Glasser | @melissa_glasser |
MG Stout | @mgstout |
Michael Auger | @Arty4ever |
Rhett Rebold | @rrebold |
Ric Garcia | @RicGarciaStudio |
Roberto Gato Echanique | @bobcatarts |
Rodger Schultz | @rodgerschultz |
Sarah Dale | @sarahedale |
Tariq Tucker
Terry Sitz | @TerrySitz |
Tracy Lee | @itsjusttracy |
Victoria Thompson | @studio9201 |



Who: artdc Gallery
What: #WeTweetArt Exhibition
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 8/25/13 – 9/29/13
Reception: Saturday 9/7/13  7-10pm
We will live stream the reception here.

Twitter is an amazing frontier for creative connections and artistic communication. Over the past few months, we’ve curated a list of Washington, DC area artists. There’s no limitation to medium or experience. This list represents a group of DC area artists who are working to connect with the world. There’s a wide range of work and it’s all connected via geolocation and twitter. The expanse of styles and interest make this a unique opportunity to view first hand, in person; previously only visible a smart phone or computer.

Beyond half of the US population have smart phones according to Forbes Magazine.

There are over 554 Million Twitter users. The potential for creative connections for artists at no cost is astounding, and moving at incredible pace.

We’re hosting an open call exhibition of art for DC area twitter users. There’s one limitation, the artists must be on twitter, they all must tweet @artdc about their work in the exhibition. This exhibition represents a tiny cross section of what’s out there. Twitter art activity is growing, right now, as you read this.

See the hashtag in real time #WeTweetArt
Find us on twitter @artdc
Tweet with #WeTweetArt

Find the original call for art here:

Find our art chat about the event from 8/21 :

Find our list of DC area artists:

Find artdc on twitter:

Exhibiting artists:
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Art In Action

Who: artdc Gallery
What: Art In Action
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 7-28-13 to 8-25-13
Reception and Performances: Saturday: 8-03-13, 7 to 10pm

Stephen Schiff

“Art In Action” is an interactive and performance based show. The selected artists utilize various mediums.  There will be artists creating art on-site during the reception as well as live performance based works.  Multiple works allow the viewer to interact in various ways.  This is a hands-on approach to art display.  Fly by the gallery for our opening reception Saturday, August 3rd from 7-10PM and get your hands dirty!

Curators Ric Garcia and Grayson Heck

Exhibiting Artists

Ric Garcia –
Stephen Schiff –
Christine Walters –
DJ Cosmo –
Mike McMullin –
David Amoroso –
Patti Doyen
Neil Cotterill –
Roger Cutler –
Michael Diggs –
Lamuelle Burge –
Carlos Lara
Charles Sessoms –
Jefferson Lara –
Kleema –
Grayson Heck –

Get Off The Wall

Who: The artdc Gallery
What: Get Off The Wall
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 6-23-13 to 7-27-13
Reception: Saturday 6-29-13, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Discuss the event on artdc
Curator: Roger Cutler

This summer everything moves at artdc. Guest curator Roger Cutler sees the restrained playfulness in life and art. He moved away from static art and corralled a group of kinetic sculptors to develop a mobile show. Everyone has a reaction to art—now the art reacts to you.

There are no wallflowers or high horses this month. Our work is away from the wall and off of the pedestal. Mobiles confront you as you move through the gallery. It’s magnificent to walk amongst the art and experience its reaction to you in passing. The residual traces and memories of our movements are manifested through the dance of mobiles. The flights of the art are mesmerizing and delightful. Color and movement exists in tandem in every direction. The mobiles’ activation, a result of the invisible energy in the air around us, is a stellar experience to be had. Watch your head!

To celebrate, we will offer art demonstrations so you can create your own wire-based sculpture at the reception. For the closing celebration we will give away free art in celebration of mobile originator Alexander Calder’s birthday!

Join us this Saturday June 29th, 7-10 p.m. at the artdc Gallery for the opening reception of Get Off The Wall. We will offer light snacks and beverages free of charge. This event is free and open to the public.  Closing celebration is July 27, 2013.


Andrew Cronan

David Yano

Frank Fishburne

Roger Cutler

Grayson Heck

The Chemical View

Who: The artdc Gallery
What: The Chemical View
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 5-26-13 to 6-23-13
Reception: Saturday: 6-1-13 7 to 10pm
Curator: Barry Schmetter


Alternative-Process Photography Exhibition to Open at the artdc Gallery on June 1

The Chemical View: Alternative Process Photography will open on Saturday, June 1 at the artdc Gallery in Hyattsville, Maryland. The show will highlight the work of eight Washington-area artists working in the medium of alternative process photography. The show will include examples of tintypes, ambrotypes, platinum and palladium prints, cyanotypes, Van Dyke prints, bromoils, gum prints, and hand-painted liquid emulsion prints.

“This is a rare chance to see a wide range of handmade prints that represent the gamut of chemical-based photographic processes.”, said Barry Schmetter, the show’s curator. “The artists are drawing on the history of the photographic process to explore contemporary themes.”

The artists included in show are: Scott Davis, Henry Friedman, Eddie Hirschfield, Carole Hollander, Suzanne Izzo, Joanna Knox, Barry Schmetter, and George L. Smyth.

Eddie Hirschfield
Carole Hollander
Joanna Knox
Barry Schmetter
George L. Smyth
Scott Davis


18” x 18” Small works exhibit

Who: The artdc Gallery
What: 18” x 18” Small works exhibit
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 4-29-13 to 5-26-13
Reception: 5-11-13 12 to 5pm

We are pleased to announce our 18” x 18” small works exhibit at the artdc gallery. This show offers us the opportunity to open the gallery doors to anyone who wants to show. We break down the barriers of the traditional gallery gatekeeper role that may prevent emerging artists access to exhibit. All works are limited to 18” x 18”  or less which often places it in a very affordable range! This is a unique opportunity to connect with new and emerging artists!

Find the event discussion here:

Find the original call for entry here:

Visit this show during the Gateway open studio tour on the same day as our reception:

To view the artists in the show, click continue reading to read more!
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Reception: Saturday, April 13, 2013 7:30-10PM
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Facebook invite:

Every Artist is a Hoarder

HYATTSVILLE, MD— April 10, 2013 —artdc Gallery announces a new and compelling exhibition called Hoarders, curated by local artist, Kunj Patel. Throughout the creative process, artists gather information, imagery, and overall inspiration to prepare for their work. As a compulsive collector gathers valued materials within the home, artists gather elements of all that surrounds them to be used within their creations. Hoarders is a show depicting the artistic collection process through such devices as repetition and found objects.

In a minimal style, the works range in prints, paintings, and installations, leaving the popular perception of hoarding in a more humbling aesthetic. “I wanted the exhibit to be less cluttered than the homes of extremists you see on that television show,” said the curator. The show features artists: Eloy Areu, Michael Booker, Mark Earnhart, Adam Echavarren, Rob Hackett, Grayson Heck, Matt Kim, Ava Lowe, Christine Suh, and Janelle Whisenant. All of whom are current or former University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate art students.

“It was important to show work from artists that study or have studied at the nearby university, as the gallery is very community based,” says Kunj. ArtDC Gallery, established in March 2004, is located at the historic, Lustine Center in Hyattsville, MD. Their mission has been to initiate the discovery of artist and create movement in the metro area. They also emphasize the discussion of art through connecting the public with local made artwork.

Hoarders will be up April 10, 2013 to April 28, 2013 at the artDC Gallery. There will be a reception Saturday, April 13, 2013, open to public between 7:30pm and 10:00pm. The artDC Gallery is located at 5710 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. They are open by appointment only; please visit and contact for any further information about the space.

About the Curator:

Kunj Patel lives and works in the DC-Maryland area. He has a background in both Anthropology and Studio Art, having studied at the University of Maryland. His roles in art are defined by activities in printmaking, sculpture, performance art, installation, curation. Kunj uses repetitive actions and ritualized behavior to portray the unstable identity that spawns from life as a first-generation American. He explores the tense nature that may result, and the ideas of being stuck in a situation of no-identity or new-identity. Kunj has exhibited work at the Gateway Art Center and Hillyer Art Space, with an upcoming performance exhibition at the Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, NY. His website can be found at, and can also be contacted at

“Chew It Up!”

Who: artdc Gallery
What: “Chew It Up!” Reception
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave. Hyattsville, MD 20781
When: Saturday, March 9th, 2013, 7:30-10pm
The show hangs: from 3/3/13 to 3/31/13


We have a wonderful new show installed at that gallery titled, “Chew It Up!” The exhibit is raw, full of energy with strong sculpture and mixed media works that are rearing to chew it up. Stone, wood, rusty metal, and some amazing 2D works. We are elated to have such a great line-up of works from tremendous area artists! Drop by to view the work, and don’t let the art bite.

The artists include

Alexandra Zealand –
Barry Schmetter –
Bill Woodbridge
Frank Fishburne –
Grayson Heck –
Lisa Rosenstein –
Nick Collier –
Park Swan –
Roger Cutler –
Suzanne Firstenberg –
Sy Gresser –
Zac Jackson –

Would you like to visit after the reception? Find gallery sitter dates at

View a video walkthrough of the show during the reception!

Whodunit – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Who: The artdc Gallery
What: Whodunit – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
When: February 3rd to March 3rd, 2013
Reception: Saturday February 9th, 2013
Facebook Invite:
Twitter: here. here.


Artists included in this show will either show an original from their own collection in their own style or imitate another artist’s style… or maybe both! The viewers exploring the works in the show will embark on a treasure hunt as they try to determine if a piece was done by the original artist or someone else. If the piece is a copy — then who did the copy?

Artists:  “Stay tuned, coming soon.”

HCAA-New Year New Vision 2013

Who: HCAA (Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance)
What: HCAA-New Year New Vision 2013 Group Exhibition
Where: artdc Gallery
5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
When: 1/3/13 to 2/3/13
Reception: Saturday, 1/12/13 7:30-10pm


(Painting on canvas, Artist: Juan Hernandez, Title: arenero)

About HCAA:  Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 1994. The association is comprised of prestigious painters, sculptors, photographers, crafts makers and musicians, primarily from the local region.

HCAA curates numerous exhibits, working in conjunction with the City of Hyattsville and the Prince George’s Arts Council to provide artists with show space and the community with art program venues and educational workshops. HCAA’s ongoing programs at Franklin’s Restaurant, Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, and “ArtSpin” are well known throughout the region.

We’re excited to collaborate with HCAA.  They are our neighbors and their artists are a vital part of the Hyattsville Arts District.  It’s our pleasure to show a wonderful grouping of their work.

17 artists in a group exhibition of HCAA artists at the artdc Gallery!

Gary Jimerfield
Maureen Wheatley
Mary Ann Lipovsky
Denise Marie
Richard Brown
Monna Kauppinen
Delia Mychjaluk
Pierre-Antoine Goho
Joseph Shepperd Rogers
Charles Reiher
Mia Enns
Cheryl Edwards
Malika Bryant
Jaun Hernandez
Ruth Horlick
Nancy Sims
Jose Pepe Piedra

Find the flyer on HCAA’s website here: