I once heard an art dealer say, “If I could buy stock in this artist’s career, I would…” I’ve carried that thought with me, and I keep it in mind when I collect a work of art and think about the possibility of the longevity of the artist’s career.  While there’s no way to guarantee what happens in anyone’s carreer, one can get a feel for who’s serious.

Owning a work of art is an important emotional experience, which brings the energy of creativity into the home, and supports the society of creativity. It’s often difficult to select a new work of art, so we turn to galleries and art dealers for advice or insight into what’s happening. We’d like to see play a similar role and help through suggestions of what we think are important works. We think the work on this site is absolutely amazing and we’d love to see collectors buy this art as soon as possible.

If you see a work on that you must own, Please contact us here.

With that in mind, we’ve started our own collection which we discuss on a new web site, .  Join us there, and read about the art that we buy.

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