Big 10 x 5

Who: artdc Gallery
What: Big 10 x 5
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition Dates: 2/8/15 – 3/22/15
Reception: (snow date) Saturday, February 28, 2015 5-7:30pm
Alain Villardo Cerberus 48x48
(Alain Villardo Cerberus 48×48)

We’re excited to announce our reception for our Big 10 x 5 exhibit. 10 works of art by 5 artists! From paintings to mixed media and sculpture, these works are large! If you have wall space this is your source for a work over 6ft!

With great thanks, we are excited to show the work of:

Grayson Heck
Alain Villardo
Sarah Elizabeth Martin
Gabriel Thy
Christine Walters

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Who: artdc Gallery
What: Density
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition Dates: 12/7/14 – 1/11/15
Reception: Saturday, 12/13/14 7-9pm


Twelve Washington-area photographers present a diverse selection of contemporary photography. The work includes silver gelatin prints, photogravure, wet plate collodion, pinhole photography and large-scale digital prints. “The work in Density represents the rich gamut of photography in both process and form.”, said curator Barry Schmetter.

The show’s opening will be held on Saturday, December 13 from 7:00-9:00 pm at the artdc Gallery in the Hyattsville, MD arts district.

Barry Schmetter
Bill Seelig
Bill Woodbridge
Brady Wilks
Brian V. Jones
D. B. Stovall
Dan Dister
Don Gangloff
George L Smyth
Jeff Deemie
Joanna Knox Yoder
John Labovitz
Joshua Dunn
Suzanne Izzo

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Who: artdc Gallery
What: Steam
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781
Exhibition dates: 12/14/13 – 1/12/14
Reception: Saturday 12/14/13 7-10pm
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We’re excited to announce our new show, Steam. The exhibit includes the work of Roy Utley, Grayson Heck, Frank Fishburne, Hebron Chism, and Scott Speck. The works consist of sculpture and photography. The work represents a view selected by Roger Cutler. Cutler’s focus on this exhibition is the transformation of mixed media and technological debris into objects of art. We invite you to our room full of rust!




Reception: Saturday, April 13, 2013 7:30-10PM
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Every Artist is a Hoarder

HYATTSVILLE, MD— April 10, 2013 —artdc Gallery announces a new and compelling exhibition called Hoarders, curated by local artist, Kunj Patel. Throughout the creative process, artists gather information, imagery, and overall inspiration to prepare for their work. As a compulsive collector gathers valued materials within the home, artists gather elements of all that surrounds them to be used within their creations. Hoarders is a show depicting the artistic collection process through such devices as repetition and found objects.

In a minimal style, the works range in prints, paintings, and installations, leaving the popular perception of hoarding in a more humbling aesthetic. “I wanted the exhibit to be less cluttered than the homes of extremists you see on that television show,” said the curator. The show features artists: Eloy Areu, Michael Booker, Mark Earnhart, Adam Echavarren, Rob Hackett, Grayson Heck, Matt Kim, Ava Lowe, Christine Suh, and Janelle Whisenant. All of whom are current or former University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate art students.

“It was important to show work from artists that study or have studied at the nearby university, as the gallery is very community based,” says Kunj. ArtDC Gallery, established in March 2004, is located at the historic, Lustine Center in Hyattsville, MD. Their mission has been to initiate the discovery of artist and create movement in the metro area. They also emphasize the discussion of art through connecting the public with local made artwork.

Hoarders will be up April 10, 2013 to April 28, 2013 at the artDC Gallery. There will be a reception Saturday, April 13, 2013, open to public between 7:30pm and 10:00pm. The artDC Gallery is located at 5710 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. They are open by appointment only; please visit and contact for any further information about the space.

About the Curator:

Kunj Patel lives and works in the DC-Maryland area. He has a background in both Anthropology and Studio Art, having studied at the University of Maryland. His roles in art are defined by activities in printmaking, sculpture, performance art, installation, curation. Kunj uses repetitive actions and ritualized behavior to portray the unstable identity that spawns from life as a first-generation American. He explores the tense nature that may result, and the ideas of being stuck in a situation of no-identity or new-identity. Kunj has exhibited work at the Gateway Art Center and Hillyer Art Space, with an upcoming performance exhibition at the Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, NY. His website can be found at, and can also be contacted at

2012 Patrons Exhibition

artdc Gallery 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD
Patron's 2012 exhibition

It is with great honor that we present our Patrons Exhibition of 2012. In this exhibition we showcase the work of the artists who support Here we have a wide range of works from Painting to Photography and Sculpture. There is zero gallery commission related to sales in this show. 100% of the sale goes directly to the artist!

The artists include:

Alexandra Zealand
Amy Cohen
Andrew Benson
Angela Kleis
Barry Schmetter
Byra Zimmerman
Cheryl Edwards
Deborah Winraom
Delia Mychajluk
Denise Brown
Grayson Heck
Ian Delaney Doherty
Jesse Cohen
Joeseph Corcoran
Joseph Rogers
Len Rizzi
Marité Vidales
Pamela H. Viola
Ric Garcia
Ruoyi Gao
Stephen Mead
Sy Gresser

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Realism @ artdc

In 2011 we brought our first Realism exhibition to  the artdc gallery.  The show was successful, and we decided to repeat the experience with new works.  We are pleased to bring to the gallery Realism and more from Washington, DC area contemporary artists.  These artists work hard and have studied to develop great skill in creating realistically recognizable elements of their work.  These works move beyond manipulating the surface and work to trick the eye bringing realism out of the two dimensional world.

Find the work of Simmy Pell, Rachel Kerwin, Johanna Rodriguez, Olivia Rodriguez, and Patrick Kirwin on display at 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD.

The reception will be held April 28th, 2012.

Curator’s Statement:
This exhibit surveys the broad range of various “realisms”. Used as a broad term to mean recognizable realities, “Realism” is a vehicle for various expressions; political, aesthetic, emotional and illusory. This exhibition brings together these forms in one show.

Olivia Rodriguez and Patrick Kirwin both deal in illusion. Between them, both ends of the aesthetic spectum are represented. Rodriguez creates small sculptural illusions of garbage while Kirwin paints attractive Trompe L’oeil illusions. Rodriguez takies found objects and recreates and creates tableaus of filth – a cigarette put out in a pile of dirt and a cockroach crawling out from under a cup. She elicits the viewer’s psychological responses with confrontation of things we would rather forget about.

Kirwin’s illusions are essentially about material verisimilitude, but also probe the illusion of space. He is represented with illusions of mosaics, marble and a large plaster face, which is cropped in such a way as to negate an illusion. His is about the joy of being fooled, yet the remaining illusions are beautiful.

Johanna Rodriguez presents some of her work from a series about doors. She shares her views them, enlarging small details and painting them in a somewhat expressionistic fashion using house paint. There is something eerie about these images from the color, the feeling of the paint and the expressionistic rendering.

Simmy Pell on the other hand, shows paintings about painting. Hers are joyful explorations into the “regular” still life genre. Her twist is that she uses minimal medium, resulting in a thicker application of oil paint. The sensuous and generous application of paint is enhanced with a thoughtful resolution of color.

Rachel Kerwin brings a political message to the show. Her paintings of weeping, mourning Iraqi women no less than ask us, “Why?” The message is very clear as expressed through the vigorous and efficient realistic painting of the women’s faces and hands. The flesh is the only living thing in the paintings. Their garb is flat black and to further focus the point, there is nothing else except a flat green of death coloring the background.

This is a very interesting survey of how realism works to different ends. Not to be missed.


We decided to conduct an experiment.  We asked artists to take a gamble and offer up their work for a raffle during the Hyattsville Arts Festival on this past May 22nd.  We had a ton of foot traffic and a great deal of attention last year, so we figured this was an opportunity to take advantage and develop a different way to sell art.

Kevin Mellema stepped up to the plate and brought a few drawings by my place that were previously on display in the Lee Art Center.   Kevin’s work “Ponytail #3” pictured below really spoke to me, and he agreed to offer it for a raffle.  One extremely lucky art lover was going to get an amazing deal!

Ponytail #3

The raffle idea is a bit unusual since it fights the traditional affluent art buying mentality.  It’s still an expensive work of art, but one lucky collector will get the work through funding developed by the masses, not the individual wallet.  We had to protect the artist with a minimum.  It would be a travesty if the gamble failed and he only received pocket change for his work.  The project was successful, and we sold enough tickets to pick a winner.

At the close of the day, Amy and I tossed all of the tickets into a pitcher, shook them up, and then she picked one at random!  There was no bias! (see the video below!)  Kevin and I are both quite pleased that the winner is an artist and an art lover.  Which means it will go to a loving home where it will get the respect it deserves.

The winning ticket.

Big!!! Grayson’s View

The artdc Gallery has entered a new realm with this show.  Grayson is a tremendous Maryland area artist with an eye for creativity and roots in metal work and sculpture.  Artists curating art shows create a unique view outside of the traditional.  He’s selected artists with new applications to traditional and non-traditional materials.    Stop by and witness work that steps far outside the usual area art show.  We often struggle to find superlatives with impact.  Here, words, even superlatives, can not produce enough praise for the quality of work in this exhibition.

The opening reception will be April 10th, a Saturday, from 6-9 pm. The show consists of numerous Maryland artists’ works of a larger size and varying mediums; sculpture, painting, drawing, instalation and mixed media. There will be beverages, snacks and great art! Please come and support Maryland artists and the rising Hyattsville Arts District. The show will be held at artdc on Route 1 in Hyatysville, MD.

Participating Artists;
Caroline Battle, Michael Booker, Felicia Glidden, Peter Gordon, Grayson Heck, Jeff Martin, Sarah Martin, Audrey Sackner-Bernstein, Timothy Thompson, Alexandra Radocchia Zealand, and Jesse Cohen.

Check out some install pics shot by Alexandra Zealand:

View the whole set here.

These images were shot by Peter during the installation.

Find the facebook event listing here.

Find the artists here:

Brash at “Lust…”

Just in time for the show’s closing, BRASH dropped off the first run of Lustrous chapbooks at the artdc Gallery in the LUSTine center. They’re already selling, so get your order in if you want one. It’s a different approach that the usual postings done in the past at places like Artomatic and the ZIP Code show in that the poems are compiled in one place, so you can have a take-home collection that spans the entire show. An added twist (from BRASH’s much twisted sensibilities) is that the poems are not directly attributed to the work that inspired them. (There’s also a poem in there about the trash can at the LUSTine center–that’s assuredly not about any of the art!, as well as a small tribute to the wild weather of February 2010 and an examination of Olympic Ice Dancing as a metaphor for love.) I’m told that this is so you the artist can decide which one goes with your work, and then explain why by writing to The books, put together in an interesting 3 panel way, have identical poetry in each copy, but are compiled randomly, so that different books juxtapose different poems. There are almost 100 poems for the low price of $13, five of which goes to support ArtDC ventures. I’m also told that because the formatted file of the poems was lost right after printing the first draft copy, these early runs will include all the errors and errata that make early runs so much more valuable! So get your copy now!

Overdue Thank You

We must send out our thanks to the benefactor again!  We posted previously about the benefactor here where they showed their artdc support with the gift of a silver “I love artdc” piggy bank filled with monopoly money and the hopes that it may draw more community support.  Shortly after our Valentines Day opening for the “Lust…” show, Alex from EYA dropped off a package that they received for us.  It was another benefactor gift with the idea of using Candy as a fund raiser!  We want to send out our Overdue Thanks.

We’re so pleased that there’s a Secret individual out there wishing us  support and great hopes for the future.  It takes a lot of energy to step out and do something.  We’re glad the benefactor did.

See the pics below:

Thanks to Fareeha Khawaja for the snap shots of the gifts!