Refracted View

Who: The artdc Gallery
What: Opening Reception “Refracted View”
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave. Hyattsville, MD
When:  7-10PM Saturday, November 24, 2012
Show run: November 24 – January 5

Alan Binstock

D.B. Stovall

Christopher Brady

Barry Schmetter

This is a reception for our final show this year!

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the work of 4 fine artists from the Washington, DC area. With the great spirit of the past Photo Week, we bring you the show, Refracted View. A group of 3 photographers contrasting the sharp edges of one of DC’s top sculptors, Alan Binstock’s.  These 4 artists are all working in their own unique direction.  There is an architectural connection between Binstock, Schmetter, and Stoval, while Brady sets it off with a little heat from his figure studies.  It’s a great experience to fill a space with a diversity of work.  From sharp edges to sharp focus there’s a unique mix of works.

Alan Binstock:

This show brackets a year of activity with large scale work as well as experiments with my favored media in smaller pieces.  It also presents an opportunity to lend my energies to the PG Arts District I am so much a part of.  The pieces in this show were selected to express my affinity with glass, steel and resin and their rich dialogues.  My sculptor’s career is balanced with a concurrent career as architect at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  I have a continued exposure to near and deep space images as well as a bit of quantum physics which are all powerful influences on my work.   All this, tempered by an avid emersion in the teachings of Yoga, allows me to express the nature of the seeker’s inner passage while capturing the wonder of the explorer’s outward search to find meaning in the universe.  Light is captured.  Radiance becomes a part of my palette, through a matrix of re-purposed tempered glass, resins and dyes, I engage the changing qualities of daylight to inform and enrich these sculptures.

DB. Stoval:
A Washington, DC area native, bought his first camera at age 10 – a Rosko purchased for 88 cents at Murphy’s Five and Dime.  Quickly moving on to various Instamatics, an old Leica D, and finally Japanese 35mm SLRs, Stovall explored various aspects of black and white photography, becoming adept at all kinds of darkroom work by the time he entered high school.  Stovall was introduced to the view camera at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the early 1970s and eventually moved on to large format color transparency in a realism-based vision, which he still practices today.

Christopher Brady:
An edgy photographer, riding the fine line between figure photography and erotic art. Specializing in portraiture and figure work using both medium format films as well as digital mediums.  His images inspire and ignite emotions while they explore the fine focus of the human body in varying grouping of scenarios.  The human body is fine art on it’s own with or without paper to represent it.

Barry Schmetter:
A Washington DC based photographer and artist using historic photographic processes as a means to explore memory, forgetting, and other human cognitive processes. He frequently uses large format cameras and antique lenses dating to the early history of photography in his work.  He also teaches workshops and seminars in alternative and historic photographic processes—most recently for the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Frederick, Maryland Historical Society.  He was the event director of Artomatic 2012, the largest independent art and performance exhibition in the Washington area and a founding member of Art Reactor, an art and teaching collective.  His work is in private and public collections and was seen in the ABC Television series, Happy Town.