artdc has Gravity.

Who: artdc Gallery
What: “artdc has Gravity,” our Gravity Reception
Where: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20871
When: 7-10pm Saturday, September 1, 2012
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Roger Cutler
(Work by Roger Cutler)

We could argue the importance of three-dimensional art, but we won’t. We could mince words about the significance and material impact of metal. However, this show isn’t about words. This show is a survey of Washington, DC-area sculptors who are passionate about metal.

These artists are an important part of the development of the Washington, DC-area movement in metal. This is part of our material series, which in the past included wood and glass exhibitions.

Many of the artists represent work as members of the Washington Sculptor’s Group, and some are from as far as Frederick, MD.

Metal is a long-standing material in the art world. This sculpture show, by nature, is heavy, solid, and at the same time, delicate and light. This work defies gravity, reaching out of its material. These works all attract with the gravity of heavenly bodies, yet float at the same time.  artdc has gravity.

(Work by: Leila Holtsman) 

Adam Eig –
Brian Kirk –
Bob Sibbison –
Leila Holtsman –
Nancy Frankel –
Frank Fishburne –
Grayson Heck –
Roger Cutler –
Paul Sikora –
Philippe Mougne –
Sam Noto –
Steven Dobbin –

Main Gallery
(Artists in this photo include: Adam Eig, Nancy Frankel, Sam Noto, Philippe Mougne, and Brian Kirk)