Glass 2012

Who: DC Glass Works and The artdc Gallery
What: Reception for artdc Gallery Glass Exhibition
Where: The artdc Gallery, 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20871
When: Saturday, August 4, 2012  — Show run from July 22 – August 18th 2012 7pm to 10pm
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The artdc Gallery is pleased to announce Glass 2012.  This exhibition highlights work from DC GlassWorks, a glass blowing and sculpture studio. DC GlassWorks is a public access glass studio that fosters a creative community.  It is a forum for exchanging ideas and learning.  They came together to show at the artdc Gallery.  The art exhibited demonstrates that glass has many applications and techniques that vary greatly.  Some of the artists find inspiration in making traditional murano vessels and work to master the archaic art form, while others use it in a much more contemporary manner. This work is evidence of the limitless possibilities of glass.

Karyne Messina

Joe Corcoran

David D’Orio

Scott Mitchell
 “Scott finds glass a unique medium encompassing fine art and the high-wire act of production, integrating the optical effects of transparency and opacity, lens effects, and the intricate chemical reactions that generate color.”

Leo Lex “With a focus on using traditional vessels as a palette, Leo Lex explores color interactions through the medium of blown glass.”

Pat Burke “Subtlety is not my strong suit.”

Joseph Corcoran 
“I attempt to capture and suspend light providing the catalyst for vibrant color.”

Megan Van Wagoneer: “Everyday objects tell stories.  The bushel basket and the stray potatoes that surround it are part of the narrative of agriculture in the U.S.”

Steven Jones “1/2 man, ½ chicken (1/2, not so good with fractions).”

Chris Stever “Murrine vessels”

Karyne Messina 
“I believe my work originally emerged as a reflection of my intrigue with creatures from the sea.”

Beth Hess “With these pieces, I use the optics of clear glass to focus attention on lush bits of nature easily overlooked. “

Dave D’orio “This body of work presents studies and models that imagine systems of organ forms.”


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