2012 Patrons Exhibition

artdc Gallery 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD
Patron's 2012 exhibition

It is with great honor that we present our Patrons Exhibition of 2012. In this exhibition we showcase the work of the artists who support artdc.org. Here we have a wide range of works from Painting to Photography and Sculpture. There is zero gallery commission related to sales in this show. 100% of the sale goes directly to the artist!

The artists include:

Alexandra Zealand
Amy Cohen
Andrew Benson
Angela Kleis
Barry Schmetter
Byra Zimmerman
Cheryl Edwards
Deborah Winraom
Delia Mychajluk
Denise Brown
Grayson Heck
Ian Delaney Doherty
Jesse Cohen
Joeseph Corcoran
Joseph Rogers
Len Rizzi
Marité Vidales
Pamela H. Viola
Ric Garcia
Ruoyi Gao
Stephen Mead
Sy Gresser

Find the facebook invite here.