HCAA / Earth Day!

We have invited HCAA to Jury another show at the Gallery! This is about community! Come and enjoy. We beleive it’s important to network with other organizations and create opportunities to develop relationships, and reach out beyond our normal boundaries!


The art works chosen for this exhibit are imaginative as well as beautiful and representational. The work is done using various techniques and media defining nature for the viewer. The work is almost magnetic in the way it draws you to it! The artists are all members of HCAA (Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance).

Mary Ann Lipovsky uses the history of a place when creating her watercolor painting,” It’s The Mud Season”, you imagine the time when the barn was in use and feel the dampness in the air as the snow melts.

Monna Kauppinen in “Catskill Quiet” chooses a remote space to capture Earth’s beauty in watercolor, a respite from the urban setting we find impinging on us and we are called by its nurturing effect on us. Marie Crow, in “Dancers II“, using acrylics in a sculptural technique, creates magical images grounded in realism. We long to be lost in the magic places.

Barbara LoMacchio in her image, “How Far Have We Come “ uses nature, and abstracts the image for a fantasy effect.

Delia Mychajluk in “Wolf Woman Dreams” uses a sculptural technique to impose the feeling of ‘the wild‘, looking at the boundaries of life, death in the physical and spiritual worlds.

Allita Irby with her Photography,” First Shoots“, aspires to capture in color the compositions, the detail, and clarity of nature.

Roxanne Ando with her Chinese Watercolor in “Floral Fire”, achieves a peaceful, wistful, space you want to experience.

Sally Ann Rogers uses her time in Maine every summer to capture special images such as “Mountain Mist”, in pastel, you can feel the moisture in the air.

Richard Brown with his walnut wood sculpture “Standing On The Rock” evokes crossing streams and hiking, interacting with nature, being physical and immediate drawing what
healing power he can from the rock. Denise Marie uses silhouette and bright color in her sunset oil painting, ”Pine Branch Sunset”.

Take a little vacation from your hectic pace and stop by artdc for a respite in the Earth Day Exhibit at artdc from March 25 through April 21. Opening night, SaturdayMarch 31 and Friday April 6 from 7-10pm. Artdc is located at 5710 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. For more info contact Jesse Cohen at fineartventures@gmail.com