Reception: December 17th, 2011 7 to 10 pm
Location: 5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD
Curator: Emily Ann Scheeler / UMD Intern
All works by UMD students

Adam Echavarren
Asha Augustine
Ava Lowe
Melanie Fischer
Meg Floyd
Kurt Pung
Ryan Villardo
Sheila Bell

This is our annual UMD intern show.  We offer the experience to a University of Maryland Art student to manage a gallery like it was their own.  They control the show from artist selection to installation.  This is our opportunity to see art of a Student’s peers through their eyes!  We feel this is a unique opportunity, and are pleased to offer this again.  Our first intern exhibition was developed in 2010.

Saturnalia was traditionally held on December 17th; thus, our reception for the beautiful exhibit “Saturnalia: Abstracting Reality,” will be held on the same date in this year, 2011.

The show presents University of Maryland artists working with abstraction–some pulling straight from the unconscious mind, others working with the assistance of models and forms. Techniques vary from the pressing together of canvas to the application of cut plexiglass to screen prints on top of paintings.

The color palette is vivid and surreal, though sometimes moody and mystical. The works presented are by undergraduates, Juniors and Seniors, in the Studio Art program.

Food and wine will be bountiful, just as it would have been during a Saturnalia celebration.
If you greet the curator with “lo, Saturnalia,” she will pour you a drink.