12″ x 12″ 2011

We are pleased to present our annual 12”x12” small works show.  This is our opportunity to display works in an all-inclusive manner.  Any artdc.org artist is invited to submit work for this show!  We have the work of over 25 artists on display.  The reception for this show will occur at the same time as the Hyattsville Festival with the goal to show as much work by as many artists as possible!

Dates: September 4th, 12pm to October 2nd, 2011
Reception: September, 24th 2011in conjunction with the Hyattsville Arts Festival!
Location: artdc Gallery, 5710 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20815
Website: www.artdc.com
Find details on the Hyattsville Arts Festival here: www.hyattsvillearts.com

The artists include:
Ameliese Giordano
Amy Cohen
Angela Kleis
Barry Schmetter
Chris Suspect
Claudia Olivos
Dancing Queen
Denise Brown
Fabian H Rios Rubino
Grayson Heck
Ian Delaney Doherty
Jamie Downs
Jen Vallina
Jenn Verrier
Jennifer Bienhacker
Jenny Trussell
Joanna Knox Yoder
Joe Morey
Joeseph Rodgers
Justin Fair
Laurie Tylec
Lillian Mattiaccio
Linda Hosek
Lisa K Rosenstein
Matthew Malone
Meg Floyd
Ric Garcia
Robert Brown
Roy Utley
Sabeth Jackson
Sergio Olivos
Stephen Mead
Tom Cardarella
Victoria McGoogan