Fashion is art.

Photography is a form of art. It was often considered just representational documentation. But as the form has progressed, the workflow has become transformative, where the process creates a shift in the viewer’s reaction moving beyond simple representational work.

Whether through technique or abstraction, many movements have evolved. Practice and skill has developed in others professional career paths. Similar to the impact that advertising had on painter James Rosenquist, advertising has developed a beautiful and visible impact on photography, specifically in the world of fashion.

Photographers have developed a means of conveying powerful emotional works through crystal clear images fabricated in the studio with top-notch equipment and models.

A new level of hyper reality has emerged. As fashion photography develops, a new movement in photography blooms. Fashion photographers are creating art, and their work stands on its own as art without the products used to create the images. The dreams and desire that they represent are transformative!

With excitement, we bring you the work of three local and emerging fashion photographers: Violetta Markelou, Len Rizzi, and Rodney Ladson.

While you view this amazing show, in the studio you will find a retrospective of works collected by the gallery in addition to a few other works from previous shows!