Realism… believe.

April 3rd to May 7th, 2011
Reception: April 23rd 6-8pm
5710 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781

Our April exhibition is comprised of works selected from artists at the Art League in old town Alexandria at the torpedo factory.  They form extremely realistic imagery that appears three-dimensional or photographic using techniques of illusion.

The various representational forms of painting – from Trompe L’oeil to Photo Realism – are means of both expression and magic, so long as they are not made nor viewed as technical achievements alone.  Trompe L’oeil must transcend the amusement aspect of the illusion to be called art.  Photo Realism must transcend the technical making aspect to become art.  For both of them and all representational painting, a deeper meaning must reside in the painting after its’ initial viewing. Representational painting does represent something outside itself and that plays the dominant role in its’ message.  Beyond that lie rich discoveries of paint application, surface quality, and all the technical aspects that contribute to the image.

Like all painting, one must believe in representational painting.  Maybe it is easier on some levels to do as compared with abstraction and non-objective work due to the seductive nature of imagery.  Trompe L’oeil fools you into believing and lets you down when the illusion is discovered.  After the illusion is discovered the painting is never seen the same again.  This is when it must earn it’s living as art.  What remains is an abstraction of colors, shapes and textures.  Added to the imagery, this makes a statement about space, feelings about the imagery or  an emotion.

Dennis Crayon

Heather McCaw
Vicki St. Germain
Christy St. Germain
Patrick Kirwin
Jack Labadie
Kazaan Viveiros