Square One

(image credit: Tim Horjus)

The UMD student curated exhibition at the artdc Gallery

Curators: Owen Duffy and Sahar Somekhian
5710 Baltimore Ave.
Hyattsville, MD 20781
The show runs from September 11th to October 1st
Opening Reception: Saturday September 18th 6-9 PM

“Square One” is an exhibition that showcases the University of Maryland’s talent through a
variety of media. Curated by two of UMD’s own, the exhibition will highlight the work of six University of Maryland undergraduates, alumni, and faculty. A percentage of each sale will be donated back to the University of Maryland Art Department.

Jay Chmilewski is a photographer from the University of Maryland. He uses photography to explore how our world works and its components. He also uses this media to create his own world, and consequently, make sense of our own.

Erica Federhen is a graphic design student at UMD and her work reflects her academic progress. Her paintings are simple and elegant, using bold color to make simple, but important truths. These works exhibit dynamism, energy, and visual vibrance.

Timothy Horjus received his MFA from the University of Maryland in 2010. He now teaches at UMD and lives in Baltimore. His recent work reinterprets traditional imagery of painted mountains into crisp, angular, geometric forms. Timothy also explores our society’s mass consumption of media, and how it is so integrated into our daily lives.

Christie Liberatore is a UMD undergrad in the department’s honors program. She was also the recipient of the prestigious CAPA scholarship for the fine arts. Her paintings are expressive and emotional, often exhibiting feelings of nostalgia. Her subject matter is chosen as a result of her family’s foray into the restaurant business.

Kunj Patel is a University of Maryland undergraduate in the honors program as well. He uses prints and collage to explore his artistic worldview, which is greatly influenced by his own interest in anthropology and the human body.

Fawna Xiao is an undergraduate Studio Art major at the University of Maryland. Her work is based on a narrative, and she focuses strongly on storytelling.