“Drill Baby, Drill…”

Petroleum is risky, as the BP spill has reminded us yet again. It will be more risky, as most new U.S. drilling sites go offshore and drill deeper down and easier sites in foreign countries decline. The gulf spill has severely, perhaps permanently, damaged the Louisiana bayou and a substantial part of the regional economy.

Yet petroleum is also essential. In 2009, the U.S. consumed nearly 5.2 billion barrels of crude oil. Petroleum will remain essential to the economy for years to come.

We searched for works of art through a public call that reflect the environmental devastation from petroleum, or reflect the physical nature of the element, or reflect its essential role in our society. We are interested in conceptual, process, performance, and representational art on or about the subject of petroleum. We would like you to step outside the box to get the viewer to think about petroleum or it’s environmental effects.

Heather Miller
D. B. Stovall
Dana Ellyn
Peter Gordon
Joseph Corcoran
Fritz Horstman
Tom Greaves
Eileen Wold
Barry Schmetter
Grayson Heck
Cheryl Edwards
Jennifer Cox
Owen Duffy
David D’Orio

We will donate 25% of sales from this show to support the National Wild Life Federation who’s efforts aid animal clean up from petroleum disasters.

This event is held in conjunction with the Design Studio Gallery’s 3:1 exhibition as a part of our gallery collaboration series. Find out details about their exhibition which will open the following day.