“DFTA…” walkthrough

“Don’t Feed The Art…” opened well with solid attention and excitement for kinetic art.  This show allows patrons to interact with the work.  Entering the show, you are forced to walk through Zac Jackson’s work.  You’re surrounded by their questioning faces, your left not knowing what they are trying to say, like a slow silent scream.

As you walk in, you’re confronted by Grayson Heck’s tweaking bug that flashes with excitement.  The kinetic nature of Christian’s inflatable work along with the energy and size of Sarah Martin, and Peter Gordon’s works on paper and canvas create impact.    Every work in this show is a tremendous representation of these artist’s creativity and insight into the future of our art scene.  Come, support Maryland area artists.  Support UMD’s artists by increasing your collection with some wonderful works of art from Maryland artists.!

Checkout this snapshot of Peter Gordon’s installation “Smart Grid” 576 growing cups, plastic trays, soil, telephone and power cords and plugs.  He’s obsessed with the future of the over production of obsolescent technology.

Peter Gordon’s “Smart Grid”

Take a look at this walkthrough of “DFTA…” Check back for details on the closing reception on July 9th, 2010.