Yes!  It’s that time again!  Gallery cleanup.  We de-installed the ’10 12×12 show, several artists artists in the show helped take down the work and organize it for pickup.  Then Grayson and I started the process of bringing the gallery back to life.  We filled holes, sanded, cleaned up previous drips, stripped the wall plates, tapped what we couldn’t remove, and started to roll paint.  I must say this time around, it looks clean, the room itself is a great canvas for our next show!

Artist Sign Out
Here’s Grayson Heck sitting at the desk we set up to sort the work that sold and make room for other artists to sign out work that didn’t sell.  Collectors purchased 2 of David’s glass rockets, we asked him to bring more, we sold a 3rd, the on on the desk was the only one left!  This show was quite successful and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Deinstalling the work
We can see Zofie Lang, Kelly Perl, and a few other artists help us de-install the 2-d work on the walls.

Right side of the gallery cleaned up and painted
To me, these perfectly clean walls are beauty.   See the moveable walls with fresh paint on all 4 surfaces!  A simple wonderful surface ready to display new work.  There’s something extremely pleasing to see these walls ready to go; most likely it’s the excitement about the exhibition to come.

Clean Walls!
Here’s a second image of the left side of the gallery.  Prepped, painted, and ready to hang!  The next show is going to be a knockout!  For a sneak preview, the title is, “Don’t feed the art…”

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