We are exceedingly excited to announce our May 12×12 exhibition.  This is our 2nd Annual 12×12 exhibition.  Last year this show had the highest foot traffic for the entire year.  The energy will be at a maximum as our space will be filled with the fuel of creative energy, packed to the brim with great art.

This artist powered gallery fundraiser will show over 100 works of art by over 65 artists.  All works in the show are under 1 square foot.  The 12×12 2d work is augmented by a few 12x12x12 or smaller sculptures.

The $300 price cap and show’s proximity to the Hyattsville Art Festival will add to the frenzy of attention and art collection!  www.hyattsvillearts.com

The show is located at The artdc Gallery, which represents primarily Washington, DC area artists.

We’ll have a soft opening reception to coincide with other neighborhood related events on May 8, 2010 from 7 to 9pm, while the main Artist’s reception will occur on the day of the Festival from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, May 22nd.  The art will hang from May 1st to June 5th.  Appointments can be scheduled here.

Find the address here.

Check out a preview of the show.  These images were snapshots taken shortly after the install.

The Artists Include but are not limited to:

Michael Auger
Elizabeth Baldwin
Michael Bivens
Christopher Brady
Stephen Spencer Boocks
Danielle Brown
Mary Cook
Caroline D Buddensick
Ismael Carrillo
Mei Mei Chang
Anne   Cherubim-Sundaram
Rob Chester
Ann Marie Coolick
Jennifer Cox
Brett Davis
Jennifer A Deskins
Dana Ellyn
Rita L Elsner
Paul T Farley
Elisabeth C Formant
Robert J Fox
Ricardo Garcia
Todd A Gardner
Ruoyi Gao
Janis E Garland
Laura F Geissel
Eric M Ginsburg
Peter Gordon
John N Grunwell
Gregory Gutierrez
Jessica B. Hensley
Jeannette Herrera
Dale R Hunt
Amy M. Jackson
Fareeha Khawaja
Phyllis D. Klein
Angela Kleis
Anita H Knight
Joanna Knox
Michele Late
Zofie Lang
Matt MacIntire
Matthew Malone
Lillian Mattiaccio
Alex Mayer
Heather Miller
Allison E Nance
Alyson Melissa Olander
Anthony D Palliparambil Jr.
Kelly Perl
Kevin Peshkopia
Dave Peterson
Lydia Prentiss
Thien-Kim Pham
SaRa Prigan
Alan Rich
Lisa K Rosenstein
Laura Rotondo
Fabian H Rios Rubino
Rahul Saha
Fernando Sandoval
Samuel D Scharf
Heather M Schmaedeke
Matt Sesow
Paul W. Sharratt
Amy Carmichael Smith
Soline Krug
Grace Toulotte
Roy n Utley
Mollie Wolfe
Alexandra Zealand
and more..

The reception.

On April 10th, we had our opening reception for the Grayson’s View exhibition. Personally, we loved the art, and knew it would be a smash, but we had no idea of the level of attention that we would receive. The gallery was filled at capacity for the extent of the night, the band played on, and the patrons stayed to discuss the art! We were pleased with the mix of interesting and important visitors from UMD professors, George Koch of artomatic, art collectors and gallery directors..

With tremendous excitement we watched patrons spend time with the work, discuss it, and then talk with the artists. There was real interaction with the work which is the way it should be!

View a video snapshot of the reception here:

In the pictorial below, check out this spectacular building shot as Grayson and I adjust the lighting and final touches before the opening.  See the size of this work all perfectly laid out in a 500 square foot room!  This show does have large art with individual pieces expanding beyond 5ft!

The lay out of the show is topnotch, and the first work I notice entering the space from the street is Felicia Glidden’s “Duet.”  We really wanted to find a way to develop a transition between the main gallery room and the smaller studio gallery.  While Caroline Battle’s work expanded between several movable walls which was a new approach for us, we needed something to bring the separate rooms together.

Timothy Thompson’s installation  “Pariguayo” accomplished the task.  Space transitions have been a difficult task and for the first time, this-site specific work has really allowed the 2 rooms to work well together!  To the right, Audrey Sackner-Bernstein’s mixed media archival print / painting works light up our moveable walls, while Peter Gordon’s battle with obsolescent technology made us ask questions.  The installations result in humor and serious future anxiety at the same time.

While curating the show, Grayson and I were talking about Peter’s work, and I couldn’t get Alexandra Zealand’s coffee filter works out of my head. So we invited her to join the show. There’s a connection between the repetitive material nature of their works. One filter or phone line isn’t enough. They hammer the idea in and create a new work out of old materials with a furious energy.  As we move through this gallery process, I become more and more excited about site-specific work, and how they can change from space to space. Lexi’s work is a great example of that, since her filter works were created for her past exhibition at the Delaplaine in Fredrick, MD where they lived as wall installations.  Here, we worked together to fly them with fishing line. During the show they would move and float with the air current.

Don’t let me stop here. Let’s take a look at Michael Booker’s work which is both a painting and site-specific as it’s drywall backing deteriorates and crumbles. The painting erodes and dies and it lives out it’s life from studio to gallery to gallery. I love work with a lifespan to it. I was simply blown away by Sarah Martin’s 6 ft square canvas work. Not only does the work, technique, and composition suit the work, it fits the space. It’s as if this painting was created to work with our gallery. A lucky collector needs to buy this work. We all know it’s difficult to sell large work, but this painting, “Untitled (circa 1973)” is worth the price tag. Buy it now, before it leaves the gallery!

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Big!!! Grayson’s View

The artdc Gallery has entered a new realm with this show.  Grayson is a tremendous Maryland area artist with an eye for creativity and roots in metal work and sculpture.  Artists curating art shows create a unique view outside of the traditional.  He’s selected artists with new applications to traditional and non-traditional materials.    Stop by and witness work that steps far outside the usual area art show.  We often struggle to find superlatives with impact.  Here, words, even superlatives, can not produce enough praise for the quality of work in this exhibition.

The opening reception will be April 10th, a Saturday, from 6-9 pm. The show consists of numerous Maryland artists’ works of a larger size and varying mediums; sculpture, painting, drawing, instalation and mixed media. There will be beverages, snacks and great art! Please come and support Maryland artists and the rising Hyattsville Arts District. The show will be held at artdc on Route 1 in Hyatysville, MD.

Participating Artists;
Caroline Battle, Michael Booker, Felicia Glidden, Peter Gordon, Grayson Heck, Jeff Martin, Sarah Martin, Audrey Sackner-Bernstein, Timothy Thompson, Alexandra Radocchia Zealand, and Jesse Cohen.

Check out some install pics shot by Alexandra Zealand:

View the whole set here.

These images were shot by Peter during the installation.

Find the facebook event listing here.

Find the artists here: