Brash at “Lust…”

Just in time for the show’s closing, BRASH dropped off the first run of Lustrous chapbooks at the artdc Gallery in the LUSTine center. They’re already selling, so get your order in if you want one. It’s a different approach that the usual postings done in the past at places like Artomatic and the ZIP Code show in that the poems are compiled in one place, so you can have a take-home collection that spans the entire show. An added twist (from BRASH’s much twisted sensibilities) is that the poems are not directly attributed to the work that inspired them. (There’s also a poem in there about the trash can at the LUSTine center–that’s assuredly not about any of the art!, as well as a small tribute to the wild weather of February 2010 and an examination of Olympic Ice Dancing as a metaphor for love.) I’m told that this is so you the artist can decide which one goes with your work, and then explain why by writing to The books, put together in an interesting 3 panel way, have identical poetry in each copy, but are compiled randomly, so that different books juxtapose different poems. There are almost 100 poems for the low price of $13, five of which goes to support ArtDC ventures. I’m also told that because the formatted file of the poems was lost right after printing the first draft copy, these early runs will include all the errors and errata that make early runs so much more valuable! So get your copy now!