Overdue Thank You

We must send out our thanks to the benefactor again!  We posted previously about the benefactor here where they showed their artdc support with the gift of a silver “I love artdc” piggy bank filled with monopoly money and the hopes that it may draw more community support.  Shortly after our Valentines Day opening for the “Lust…” show, Alex from EYA dropped off a package that they received for us.  It was another benefactor gift with the idea of using Candy as a fund raiser!  We want to send out our Overdue Thanks.

We’re so pleased that there’s a Secret individual out there wishing us  support and great hopes for the future.  It takes a lot of energy to step out and do something.  We’re glad the benefactor did.

See the pics below:

Thanks to Fareeha Khawaja for the snap shots of the gifts!