artdc love / benefactor

We were really pleased to hear that a small package was delivered to the gallery via the EYA sales office. I opened the package and with great surprise, the benefactor sent us a gift! They want the world to support so they sent us a great shiny silver piggy bank! Kim from EYA was very excited by the Benefactor’s idea. She loved the fact that they offered this kind of support and affirmation in small ways with big meanings. Personally, it had a great impact on us. Someone is willing to think about us and let us know that we’re doing something right.

We send our thanks to the benefactor! Check out these shots unpacking the bank and monopoly money. Here’s an image of the box shortly after we opened it under a painting by Jill Hackney.  

We thought the bank looked so good in the gallery that we put in on a pedestal for display!  Let’s hope the public get’s the point and supports us!

Here’s a full shot of the bank on the pedestal. We think it looks great in the space!

Maybe the monopoly money was a little prod at the Washington Post’s Reliable Source accusations of a connection with the collector. (scroll down to read their blurb about “The Collector’s Identity? It’s as Clear as Frosted Glass.”)