People’s choice

Inspired by The People’s Choice

We are introducing a new show inspired by our group curatorial project developed through our home page exhibitions, entitled The People’s Choice. Before our Hyattsville curatorial experience we needed to expand beyond our popup gallery shows. We pushed forward, developing on-line exhibitions.

This process is unique. We have continued with an all inclusive spirit into unique juried shows where the group at-large curated themed exhibitions with only one main requirement curators must not submit their own work!

Artists were invited to tour our on-line gallery with the job of selecting works related to a group-selected theme which were presented in a numbered list. The entire forum was invited to vote from this list developing a group-curated exhibition. With this process in mind we’ve reached a diverse group of art styles. It’s particularly exciting to know that this show is based on the curatorial vision of the group and not an individual or appointed Jury.
Read about the curatorial process here:

In March of 2004 we developed a contemporary art show entitled contemporary art: reawakening here. The artdc Gallery January show is inspired by this exhibition. All of the artists from the on-line show were invited to exhibit works from that show. However, with the excitement, we learned that a great deal of these images were no longer available! DC artists do sell work, and the “People” have good taste. There for we picked similar works to exhibit, thus the “inspired by” tag in the Title.

Find the original March ’04 show here:

Mary D. Ott
Ed Bises
Jill Hackney
Alexandra Zealand
Mathew Best
Kerri Sheehan
Ellyn Weiss

Install Date January, 3rd 2010
De-install Date February 6, 2010
Opening January, 17th 2010 4-7pm

artdc Gallery in Hyattsville
5710 Baltimore Ave.
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Studio Patron’s Annex

With space left on our studio walls, we invited a group of artdc Patrons to exhibit their work continuing our desire to exhibit the work of those who support and Fine Art Ventures, LLC’s mission. We intend to develop more Patron’s Annex exhibitions in the future.

Angela Kleis
Davin Tarr
Lauren Pond
Lori Boocks
Jen Bishop
Stephen Boocks
Alexandra Meade
Liliane Blom
Jackie Hoysted
Rhett Rebold
Henrik Sundqvist
Jennifer Beinhacker
Jesse Cohen
Barry Schmetter