Lust in Lustine

February is going to be an amazing month.  We are doing something bright and wild.  We will be collaborating with 2 other independent galleries to create a month long movement in the celebration of that wonderful time full of love.  You know the day.  February 14th!  V-day.  We will be developing a semi-all inclusive show that will be curated in one space, and then split between 3 galleries.  The fun will be finding your work.

Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14.  Lovers express their emotions by sending gifts, cards, and themselves.  There’s an energy which drives us to fall in love, philosophers, scientists, and artists all study it.  Lust is an intense craving for their lover and has been a tremendous force in the development of art and the creative spirit.  Lust is joyful and painful at the same time.  Donte compaired it to being continuously swept around in a whirlwind where they cannot cleanse their soul and will never purge their minds from their desire.  Lust controls many of us with muscle truck unstoppable force!  With that in mind we would like to explore our lustful creativity with a tremendous ground breaking show which crosses the barrier into multiple galleries.  As a group, each gallery director will curate the show as a group, and we will divide the work between our spaces as a whole exhibit!  Lust will create a movement for the month of February in the DC area!

We will be looking for a wide variety of art ranging from publicly accessible art PG-13 and below to much spicier concepts! This is not an errotic art show, and Strictly adult themed images or pornography will not be accepted since we really want to explore this unstoppable whirlwind of fear, need, anxiety and desire.  Lust moves much deeper than sex, it’s power.  We want to see a wide range of work from the science behind love to those gentle images of lovers holding hands to heat and desire to related abstraction.  We reserve the right to curate the show to keep art related to the theme and to deny work that doesn’t meet our requirements.  The Jury members will be Cheryl Edwards, Erica Riggio, and Jesse Cohen.
The art galleries involved are:

The Cheryl Edwards Studio Gallery
Directed by Cheryl Edwards
4103-4105 Rhode Island  Ave
Brentwood, MD 20722

The artdc Gallery in Hyattsville
5710 Baltimore Ave.
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Design Studio Art Gallery
Directed by Erica Riggio and Nancy Evans
5702 Baltimore Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781-1620
(301) 779-4907

Install date: Feb. 6. 2010
Reception date: Feb. 14 2010
Deinstall date: March. 6. 2010

We think this is a tremendously exciting event to show this great deal of work in multiple spaces.

More details and show requirements can be found here: