“I cure myself…”

Michael Winger

“I cure myself…” is an exhibition developed by Michael Winger, a man, and an artist on a pathway to find solace in world where the medical system leaves you asking questions with an unsure fate for one’s health and well being. He’s been on a journey to cure his own bouts with Cancer. Through this process he’s developed art based on natural products, and the process is as important as the final out come of the objects.

On November 8th, a group of artists including Lauren Pond, Grayson Heck, and Jesse Cohen met at the Gallery to aid Michael in developing a one-o-a-kind gallery installation.


This work is an example great spiritual enlightenment.

We’ll have a limited supply of extra materials for you to build your own nest.

We would be honored to have you view this work before our Fringe Jazz Concert the same night. Details on the music can be found here.

Visit the, “I cure myself…” facebook event invite here.

Here’s a video of the installation:

Before developing this exhibition we wanted to get a better handle on Installation art, so we turned to the net, and read this link.   Specifically, they write, “Installation art describes an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.”  The end of that line is important, …designed to transform the perception of a space.  That’s what the installation at “I cure myself…” does.  You walk in, and there’s a perception of energy, peace, and tranquility.