Art Festival

Our neighbors the design studio next door to our space have worked hard to bring PG county an amazing opportunity.  We’ve all been brain storming about how to bring greater attention to the area’s art scene, and they’ve found the key.  They’ve spent serous time developing a solution, an arts district art festival called, “The Market Place!”  The Design studio folks must be morning people since they opened on October 31st at 9am, we didn’t make it out till noon, but we were very excited to share the traffic.  

On the way over to the gallery to open for The Market Place, we ran across this billboard off of route one.  We thought to ourselves… no..  that’s not right.  We guess many adults would disagree, but then again, we’re living our future now.  Kids have a lot to wait for!  Maybe they should add a disclaimer, since it’s been said that billboards like this can end marriages.  
Sex Can't Wait

Any how, we digress.  Here’s a shot of The Market Place.  Kudos to the Design Studio for investing in matching Tents!  It looks simply amazing!  There was only a second to take a shot, there were so many things going on that afternoon we didn’t have an opportunity to snap another shot.  We heard the coffee there was amazing, and we look forward to an increased art presence!  More to come!

The Market Place