Blasting the southside.

Here we are with Vic and my old PA speakers.  These speakers had great karma about them.  We’re not sure who used them since they were purchased used from Guitar center, but with so many amazing musicians originating from the DC area, who knows, Dave Grohl could have played through them in a club, or they could have been someone’s garage band experience.  None the less, we’ve had them for the last 3 years or so, and they’ve been at many of Art Outlet and our shows.  

These speakers have experienced rock, jazz, and electronic music.  In the pic below, Vic and I delivered them from Flux 2 to the Zip Code show.   The south side of Arlington wasn’t the first time they saw the back of Vic’s ride.  We once drove them from our studio in NE DC down NY ave and south on 395.  We got some pretty amazing looks from the locals.  

All convertibles should have speakers this big in the back.  Who ever said a 10 inch sub was enough.  We want two 15’s.   After the zip code show we sold them to a father and son in Woodbridge, VA who are starting a new group and needed something to practice through. 

 May the speakers live on!  I have a feeling they’ll keep the positive speaker karma flowing.