At the artdc Gallery
Curator: Steven Jones

Dates: October 4 – November 8th, 2009
Reception: October 30th 6:30pm to 9:30pm

The works for the Sculpture:301 show are all recent work by artists who live, work, or go to school in the neighborhood.  This show will introduce these young and mid-career artist to the artdc Gallery.  The work runs a gamut of styles and materials but are tied together by a level of craft and a certain wit.

Two pieces fall in the figurative side of sculpture, Greyson Heck’s “Mixed Emotion’s” and Zac Jackson’s “What” explore how the face can convey a gut reaction.  “What?”‘s latex noses and mouth slowly and rhythmically repeating a silent phrase over and over to you, and after a few minutes with the piece, your own mouth with start mimicking the work trying to decipher what it is calling out.  Greyson’s two cast pieces are frozen in a pose full of expression, but more of a death mask of angst rather than joy.

Sculptors Sarah Laing and Jack Henry both use simple found objects as a starting point, and end on different planets.  Laing’s small cast bronze mushroom grows from the wall like a forgotten fungus, but its simplicity and perfection in the metal acts as a frame asking the viewer to reconsider the toadstool as an object of possible beauty.  In contrast to Laing’s simple object protruding quietly from the wall, Jack’s wall seems to vomit out bright colors and shapes which beakon the viewer.   On closer inspection you make out the source of the shapes; a collection of trash and found kitsch.  It is only the work of the artist that has transformed dollar store junk and side of the road debris into something that the viewer can explore as pretty.

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