Patron’s show.

December will be an exciting month. We look forward to the positive things that will come to the artdc Gallery in the year to come.  To celebrate, we will give back to the artists who support our activities by offering a Patrons’ Exhibition.  Patrons are invited to submit 5 works of art, and we’ll pick at least one or more from each patron.  Here’s where it gets exciting: we’ll allow patrons to submit another artist’s work with their approval if the patron chooses to be a curator rather than an exhibitor.

What’s so great about the this show?  The month of December will include a Hyattsville open studio day, which attracts great attention, on December 12th.  We had a similar event in May during the arts festival and managed to sell over 20 works of art!  This was unheard of as far as I’m concerned.  We’d like to develop the same kind of energy.

It would be our goal to hang at least 50 works of art.

There will a lot going on during the reception. In addition to our Patrons’ show, we’re planning a cash and carry event, during which we’d also like to schedule lectures and performances to make this an amazing experience.

Become a patron of artdc and exhibit your work in our annual Patrons’ Show at the artdc Gallery in Hyattsville!

Find the call for entry here.