20781 Gallery / Studio

We’re pleased to be in MD as the artdc Gallery in Hyattsville. The space is a little over 950 square feet or so. 500 is set up as an art gallery, and the rest is a studio and storage room. The space is unique with a lot of auto showroom memorabilia. The gallery is curated by Fine Art Ventures, LLC, and the studio is used by resident artists like an art gym. It’s a group studio where several artists share the same space keeping it active and affordable. Every time we visit the studio and gallery, it evokes a sense of awe. The fact that we’re in this amazing space is so exciting. Look at these windows!

Shot of the gallery windows durring the "Pinned." exhibition.
(check out the amazing tall windows, can you imagine painting in this kind of light?)

Front doors of the gallery!
(Here we can see the original entrance to the space when it was a show room.  See the yellow tiled arrow.  Yes. Yes.  I know, why not show the actual walls where the art is hung?  We haven’t had the opening reception for “Pinned.” yet, so we can’t give it all away!)

Then we have the studio space which is gorgeous, clean, and full of great work space.  It’s exciting to see artists active here!
20781 Studio
(see Adam Eig’s Steel Gazelle Sculpture as inspiration!)

20781 studio second shot
Look at this space, just screaming to be occupied by mass creative force!  We plan on filling the space with more benches, and acquireing some group use equipment!  I look forward to seeing what’s next!