20002 space change

Sunday morning, I was off to the 20002 studio to meet Steve for some business.  We’re sad to announce that we’re losing an artist, Bill Pabst.  He’s moved on to a studio in his own home.   So now along with rent and utility increases, it’s time to re-evaluate our studio situation.  We decided to open a call for a replacement for Bill, and find a new artist to share the dark room.

Here’s the space that Bill is giving up:
The space that Bill is leaving.
We guesstimate that this space is between 150 to 200 square feet.  All with usage of this space, there’s also a large shared group area, along with access to Steve’s wood shop.

Jen's Studio.  Next to Bill's space
(here we have Jenn in her studio.  Bill’s neighbor.)

Shot of the darkroom

It’s been a pleasure to have a private Darkroom get away, but it’s extremely exciting to know that there’s going to be a new creative force taking advantage if this great space.  Here we see 2 10ft benches at different heights, 2 omega enlargers, a cobbled together UV exposure box, and more toys!  Lauren Pond signed the lease and we’re looking forward to seeing what  she creates here.  We’ve found that more creative activity from other artists in the same space raises each artist’s  inspiration to do more.  We think this is something that is often lost when artists leave college and move into their own secluded private spaces.

Lauren Pond in the dark room!
Welcome Lauren!  On the first day, the light box is on, ready for negatives!  Long live the use of film!
We’re still sifting through applications for Bill’s space, but we’ll keep you up-to-date.