Installation, auction, & more

We met at the gallery in the morning to finish the install of  “Pinned.”   The final details included the addition of number pins to correspond with the price list.  Here’s a quick preview of works by Antoinette and Ceci:

Antoinette Wysocki - "MMMme"
Antoinette Wysocki
Title: “MMMme”
Price: $1600

Ceci Cole McInturff
Ceci Cole McInturff

Number Pin
Note the number pins.  It took some real research to find these amazing little number pins.  We’ve had quite a few discussions on the subject; to label or to number.  Often the discussion leads to the question do we want to feed the viewer information as they look at the work, or do we want them to expereince the art first?   Personally, we think it’s extremely important to let the viewer expereince the art on it’s own, free from attachment to the artist’s name, title, or statement, then make it information available through the price list or statement binder.  Several guest curators have thought the opposite, and did not want to make the viewers work by flipping through a the price list.  We look forward to more discussion on the subject.

Around 1pm we left the gallery for lunch.  Around 3:30pm, Amy and I left to make Cheryl Edward’s Art Auction Benifit for Gonzaga‘s basketball team at Lavinia Wohlfarth‘s gallery.  I donated two photographs to aid the cause, and we figured we’d get there early to help, however, Cheryl’s team was so organized, there was nothing to do, so a small group went to restaraunt across the street for an early dinner.
A photo of the crowd at the auction!
(Photo of the crowd at the auction)

The event was a success, they were able to raise a good chunk of cash and move a significant amount of art.  As far as I know, this is Cheryl’s 3rd auction that she’s planned.  One for MOCA, one for the development of our gallery space, and now this event.  With each event, the expereince keeps improving.
Vinni and Cheryl working to gether to sell Cheryl's painting
(Cheryl and Vinni working discussing the details in Cheryl’s painting of the team.  #52 is her son!)

The painting sold and the price was split by two collectors who then donated the work to the school since they thought it was only appropriate that they should own this painting of their team in action.  We left for the night with a positive feeling.  I’ve always that that altruism in art donation is limited since you feel good knowing you’ve helped out a good cause.  Both of my photos sold, and that means a lot!