A beautiful thing.

Yes, we swear, there will be an end to superlatives soon, but we must share a beautiful thing.   Last weekend, we made a run to the hardware store, and picked up 3 new industrial style shelves with the hope of organizing the storage closet for the Hyattsville Studio  and Gallery.   This won’t be the end of our organizational efforts, but it’s a welcomed improvement.  With several hours of work we transformed this space into what you see here.  It would have been worth a before shot, since the space was cluttered to the point that it was near impossible to walk through the room.  With the thought adding more artists to the space, we knew that something had to be done.  So here they are, according to the box, capable of holding 4,000lbs each:

Storage in the studio / gallery
We’ll probably add another unit or 2 on the other wall to make room for more art work and studio supplies, followed by a large drying rack for paintings!

After working on the shelves, we paid our neighbors, DC Glass Works a visit for their open house.  If you’re searching for art, community, and a source of  all around positive energy, they certainly are a great place to start.  DCGW are alive with the DIY Spirit in the sense that they’ve built their own space.  They started with an empty warehouse and added a mass of amazing equipment including 3 glory holes, and a large furnace that keeps 500lb’s of molten glass hot.

Every 4 to 6 weeks, they have an open house and bring in a band, food, and beverages to give the public a chance to witness what they do.  DCGW is a teach space, so this is an opportunity for the public to sample or at least get a feel for what they’d learn in classes there.  The staff is inviting, and they are happy to talk about what they do.  Maybe there’s something about the heat, the fire, or just the people, but every time I visit, I walk out inspired by not only the art they create, but the energy required to build a space like that.    I know from our work with our space, what it means to build something like this.

DC Glass Works 2 Open House 9-12-09
Above is a fairly tight shot of the space while Joe Corcoran was giving a demo producing a vessel out of clear glass.  We wanted you to see the bulk of the space and their activity in the room, and in the process we missed the crowd!  The place was packed. It took time to actually make your way to the table with beverages!  It’s a wonderful thing to see that many people who wanted to come to Hyattsville, wach the glass, hear the music, and enjoy the creative atmosphere.

Watch a video snap shot of Joe’s demo as the transfer the vessel to work on the other end here:

We wrapped up the day with a studio visit to the EZ Storage studios with Cheryl and Tonya,  followed by a preview tour of the “Pinned.” show for the EYA residents.  It was a very positive day packed full of creativity.

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