artdc Gallery in Hyattsville
“Pinned.” Antoinette Wysocki, Stephen Mead, Ceci Cole McInturff, and Jesse Cohen
(art pinned, nailed, or screwed. No Traditional frames allowed.)
September 5th, 2009 to Oct 3rd
Reception: September 25th 6-9pm

artdc Gallery in Hyattsville
5710 Baltimore Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Antoinette Wysocki, "Stowed Away Forever"
Antoinette Wysocki
“Stowed Away Forever”

“Pinned.” is inspired by the time spent in our shared studio on NY where Stephen and Antoinette notriously work on surfaces pinned or nailed to the wall.

We developed this studio as a result of which developed from a single post on craigslist in 2004. In March ’04, Antoinette posted about change she wanted in the DC area art scene. She wanted more social interaction between the public and the arts like her experiences in San Fransisco where the art scene is part of the social scene. One goes to a gallery, talks about art, then has dinner and drinks. In response to this CL ad, we all met at Teasim on D st. to talk about change. We mused about starting a co-op and bringing energy to rough neighborhoods. We thought about the changes that we could make. Then we looked in our wallets, and said the hell with that.

Roughly around midnight March 28, 2004, the night of the meeting, the start of was born with the goal of developing a strong community of artists without large financial backers. Later that year, we had our first public exhibition in an alternative space with David Fogel’s help, where he coined the term, “Art in Transition” which we’ve happily continued for several exhibitions. “Pinned.” pays homage to that exhibition where the work of Jesse Cohen, Antoinette Wysocki, Stephen Mead, and Ceci Cole McInturff all met for the first time in a room off of Eastern Ave.

Since then, we’ve spent serious time and energy bringing community, exhibitions, and activities to the Greater Washington, DC area. Recently we opened our Gallery, 5 years after our initial meeting, and it only seemed apropriate to say thank you to these Founding artists with a show in the space. The art consists of a strong group of works from mixed media to paintings, sculpture, and palladium prints. “Pinned.” boasts of bright colors, deep contrast, dreams, and emotions.

There’s an effortless energy to the way that elements of Antoinette’s work blend together. There’s depth to the layers that she creates with objects moving in and out of the drips and blur. Steve’s art moves with the hard rock that he hears while he paints. In one work you can see sets of Angel’s wings develop out of his mathematical strokes on the canvas.

We look forward to your reactions to this work.