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While some enjoyed the labor day weekend with relaxation and beverages by the pool, we spent it handling art.  We created a nightmare by planning the close of two shows on the same day.    All in all it worked out with excellent timing.  On Saturday the 5th we arrived at the Hyattsville space at 11 am to conduct one final tour of the Glass Show.  I’m so sad to see this exhibition end.  We received great attention and so much positive energy from the artists!

At 11:55am we were a little concerned with uninstall fears.  At 11:58am, the first group of artists showed, and they worked like magicians turning the gallery into a clean white walled space, once again.  We have to seriously thank the Washington Glass School, and DC Glass Works for their efforts, professional conduct and hard work.  By 12:45, the walls were clean and new.  We have thank EYA for providing us with the paint specs, so we found the proper white paint to blend in and fix any dings in the walls.

Memory of Straw bale by Steven Jones
Steven Jones from DC Glass Works using a Hydraulic lift to remove his Memory of Straw bale.   I’m sad to see this work go.  I would love to see this work live in front of the gallery.  It’s a joy to work in a gallery as you can develop bonds with amazing work on a regular basis.  However, there’s the dark side where you have to give up the work once a month.

Joe Corcoran Uninstalled byt Steven Jones
Megan Van Wagoner and Steven worked quickly and safely removed Joe Corcoran’s work.  While these two images are from DC Glass Works artists (I only had a second to snap a few images), I must say that everyone from both studios  worked hard to bring the space back to it’s original condition.  Many thanks to Erwin Timmers, Michael Janis, Dave D’orio, and all of the artists and patrons who support these two studios.

After letting the paint dry for a moment, Cheryl Edwards, Michael Winger, and I installed the next show, “Pinned.”  with work by Antoinette Wysocki, Ceci Cole McInturff, Stephen Mead, and Jesse Cohen.  Details to come on this show.  No traditional frames are allowed for this exhibition.  Raw canvas, paintings on paper, and photographs are hung bare on the wall while Ceci’s sculpture provides great contrast with the work.  With a great deal of experimentation in hanging Steve’s work, including an attempt at flying the canvas in the middle of the room with finshing line, we decide to pin it to the wall like Antoinette’s since we wanted all of the work to have an equal weight to it.  The reception for this show is on the 25th of September.  Details TBA.

We left the Hyattsville space by 4:30pm in order to rush to the Arlington pop-up gallery where we were holding the close of the ZIP Code Show in partnership with Artoutlet.  (We ended up returning to Hyattsville on the 7th to install Ceci’s work! )

For us, it was quite sad to know that this was the celebration marking the close of a phenomenal expereince in Arlington.  We successfully brought phenominal art by local artists in front of the eyes of many with the support of our sponsors.  We are so thankful.

Steven Dobbin Uninstall discussion with Dan
Here’s an image of Steven Dobbin talking to Dan while uninstialling his work Saturday night at 10pm.  We learned about his obcessions with creating art, the fact that it goes beyond the joy of creating something beautyful, that for him, it’s a necessity that he can’t stop.  It’s something he has to do.  There’s a force pushing him forward to create art weather he likes it or not.  The process is important for him.  The rust is actually induced on the metal cans with acid, while he has some unique proccesses for developing actual rust on the plastic cans.

For the past week, it has been a joy to spend time in this Transitional art space, we were quite happy with the fact that people visited the location to view the art, and really expereince it.  On the week days, visitors came, and stood in front of each work, expereinced it, then they read the statements.  Durring the openings there was a mass of attendancee which even included members of the Arlington County board!  This is exactly what we wanted.  We look forward to great things in the future.  Many thanks to our ZIP Code Show partner Artoutlet, and the ZIP Code exhibition sponsors The Halstead, and CPRO!

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  1. The Zip Code Show was amazing! The artwork was very touching. It was extra special to have the performances by the belly dancers (Saffron Dance Studio) and drummers.

    I like the look of the new artdc show. Steve, Antoinette and Jesse are creating new and exciting work. The new images that Jesse has printed look very ghost-like.

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