After the Opening

We’re 2 days past the opening of the ZIP Code show in Arlington.   The art is top notch by many notable artists including Michael Winger.  He’s a fine artist located in Silver Spring who shows in NY, and DC.  Winger is a master stone carver who now builds “altars to nature” from found objects along the Anacostia river.  Read more about his amazing story at the City Paper.  Winger assembled one of his altars in our South Arlington space.

Michael Winger 'Altar to Nature' Installation in the Halstead
Winger, next to Altar

Michael Winger, 'Altar of Nature' close up
Altar to Nature, Michael Winger

There was a lot riding on this exhibition, and we are so pleased with the out come.  We’ve had several collaborations in the past with Art Outlet and this is another positive expereince to add to the books.  The energy was reminicent of the  ’07 opening for the first itteration of the FLUX art show.  Our two rooms, over 2,600 square feet were packed  with artists, art lovers, creatives of all types, and Arlington residents who wanted to expereince the joy and fascination of a true art happening.  We can’t say enough about the art work it self, and the plesaure associated with assembling a thematic show in a transitional space.   The opening included performances which gelled with the art.  There were Dancers, Drummers, Vocalists, and more.  We were pleased to see the public view the exhibition and spend time with the Visual art and performances equally.  There’s a great future for art in South Arlington.

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