Low End String Quartet.

The Low End String Quartet, and A Light Sleeper played at the gallery.  They were simply amazing.  We will be playing their CD’s at the next gallery opening.  You must check these groups out.  It’s just a shame that A Light Sleeper is Chicago based, so we won’t get to see them as often as we should.  This will be the beginning of a great thing.  It’s our intent to bring more music with a creative spirit and energy to the art space.    For a long time, it has been our intent to use artdc.org as an outlet for all sorts of creativity; from visual art to music and more.  Events like this will be an outlet for joining creative forces.  More details about the show to come.  For now, you can find some images and reactions here.

The Express Published an article about the Concert on Saturday.  Find it here.  Stop by, see the art, and stay for some amazing music.