Sy Gresser

If there’s a phenomenal established  artist in the Washington, DC area it’s Sy Gresser. He’s a master and has an amazing control on the surfaces that he works with.  For years he’s worked with stone, however he’s started to develop a series of wood panels that convey love, fear, suffering, and more.   You have to see his work, and that’s not enough.  I visited his studio the other day, and took this snap shot to give you an idea of his work.  I’m blown away by this sculpture.  I could stare at this panel for a life time.  I think that’s really the judge of a great work of art, a piece that you could stare at for the years to come, constantly finding new things.   With lack of reference in my snapshots, It’s important to note that these panels are quite large.  Many are over 8ft wide.  The figures and faces tend to be close to life size.

Sculpture by Sy Gresser
Sculpture by Sy Gresser 2009
Materials: Wood Panel 
Dimensions: Over 8ft wide. 

Detail image of Sy Gresser's Sculpture
Detail image of Sy Gresser’s Sculpture

You can read more about Sy in a City Paper article here

City Paper image: Committed Stoners: Sculptors Sy Gresser, left, and Bill Taylor aren’t concerned with arty trends. (Darrow Montgomery)