Lexi at AOM

Alexandra Zealand, who we’ve listed below in our “art you must acquire category” has created an amazing installation at this year’s Artomatic.  I am constantly blown away by her work, and her drive.  I’m proud to say, that we showed her work first in DC at our ’07 U st. show, which was curated by Mark Waskow where we were pleased to sell one of her coffee filter works to a local collector.  Then, this year we curated a duo show with Lexi, and Andam Eig entitled surfaces.

Some times there are moments, while they are rare, I feel like I can see the future.  In this case, I see great success for Alexandra.  People are starting to notice her, and I hope I’m right about my gut feeling towards her success.   I’m excited that I can say that we were the first!

Her grapefruit pith installation is simply wonderful.  She keeps finding new materials to work with!!!  Buy her work now while you can still afford your very own Zealand.  Contact me if you would like to set up a studio tour.

Check out her new peice for Artomatic here: