Ev Marinucci

Ev is a wonderful artist. Often on this site, I find myself with a very positive introductory statement like that, but I seriously mean it. I look at her work, and I’m taken away to another place. I start thinking about color, layers, glazing and dreams of composition. She’s a master of mixing texture with semi-gloss paint. It makes me think about conversations with my Mom about paint. She’s an artist too, and we had a conversation about painting my place, I told her I did the ceiling in semi-gloss, and I remember this gasp that sounded with a longing and desire for semi-gloss. I like that about Ev’s work. There’s a sparkle, a layer of brightness that really screams look at me.

I like the direction of her current series, and I look forward to seeing more. They are of great construction on wooden boxes built by her husband. That is such a wonderful sign of support. The fact that he builds surfaces for her is so exciting to me. I like it when couples support each other’s creativity.

Seriously, buy this work now, while we can all still afford it. The paintings are much more valuable than the price!  Ev believes in her work, and I think she’s in it for the long haul!  I look forward to watching her career as an artist expand.

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Elements and Language, The Arctic Ice Speaks, #1

Elements and Language Series, The Arctic Ice Speaks, #2
Elements and Language Series, The Arctic Ice Speaks, #2

Dimensions, each: 28″x35″
Materials: mixed-media on reclaimed wood panel
Price: $800.00USD each or $1600.00 for the pair
This is seriously an amazing price!

Artist Statement:

Most of my paintings are constructed of mixed-media on reclaimed wood panels. The process is one of layering opaque colors and transparent glazes and trying to achieve the patina that natural elements give to a surface over time.

My paintings are an exploration of the textures, colors and surfaces I observe in nature. I like the strength and solidity of images that are abstracted down to their most prominent colors and shapes. A sprig of leaves visible through a window on an overcast day suggests a simplified composition of grey and green in a rectangular field.

I am interested in how colors interact with each other on a textured surface and the transition of colors at the border between them. I like the idea that borders and horizons are less rigid the closer you inspect them.

I’m intrigued by how much variety exists in natural earthy surfaces, and how different patterns and surfaces form as a result of environmental changes. My latest paintings, belonging to the series “Elements and Language” explore the idea that variety in nature is like a language that we can “read” or “hear” if we choose to.