Kim Reyes

Kim knocks me out.  There are few artists that really have a visceral impact on me like her work does.  The first time I experienced this physical reaction to art work was with Rosemary Covey.  It could boil down to the shock of seeing an artist that really understands pain.  This really allows them to create incredibly personal work that allows you to see inside their heads, or maybe even their spirits.  Again, if you don’t own work by Kim Reyes, you should.  She’s quite serious about what she does,  buy her work before we can’t afford it!

She creates wonderful sculptures out of ceramics.  Included in this post is a large image of the whole series and a few detail shots.  They are for sale individually.  

Kim Reyes Imperfect Series

Title: Imperfect
Price:  $3000 for the collection; $300 each individual bust
Dimensions:  15 pieces hung together is 42″ x 44″.
Each individual piece is about 12″ x 5″ x 3″. 

Imperfect Detail 1
Detail 1


Imperfect Detail 2
Detail 2


In many ways I feel my journey as an artist has just begun even though as a child I was always creating.  

 Growing up in Europe exposed me to such creative and diverse designs, people and experiences which have had a strong influence in my artistic development.  I learned the basics of ceramics in my late twenties from my mother and father, both accomplished potters.  Later I enhanced my techniques by studying at Penland School of Crafts and Arrowmont School of the Arts and Crafts.  I am drawn to dark and emotionally charged figurative sculpture and often use elements from nature in my pieces.

Each bust is hand-sculpted from stoneware, fired once, broken into pieces and then pit-fired for smoke markings. The pieces are then re-assembled, and embellished with gold oil paint, gold leafing and mixed media.

A series of 15 Ceramic/Mixed Media Wallpieces that contemplate varied physical and emotional imperfections in humanity. Some of the imperfections are obvious, some implied and therefore each piece is not individually titled to leave an impression in the viewer’s mind. “Imperfect” is not meant to be judged as good or bad, rather indifferent. We all have imperfections, some seen, some unseen, some imagined, some real.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase one of these great works of art.

Antoinette Wysocki

Antoinette is a close friend of mine and a former Studiomate from the NY ave. space.  From day one I knew she was a talented artist.  While she doesn’t live in the DC area anymore (she left for New York like many great artists) she had a lot to do with the start of, so I think it’s important to post some of her art here on  

Back in March of 2004, she posted an ad on Craig’s list looking for artists who wanted to see changes in the Washington, DC area art scene.   Stevephen Mead was there too.  We’ll post some of his art soon.    We all agreed, we loved being artists and we wanted to see changes develop.  We wanted to see more awareness of the art scene.   That night, I spent a great deal of time on the computer, and I put together the beginings of which at that time were just a brief glimpse of things to come.  The site lived as a small subdirectory in my personal site.  Talking about the idea with Antoinette, Steve, and others, we realized this idea was too big to be part of my site, and soon the domain was acquired.  The site had to be it’s own thing.  Many hours were spent developing the bulk of the content, and Antoinette’s knowledge of art and the world around it have always impressed me with an impact on our direction.

I think her work is quite important, and if you are a serious art collector, you should know Antoinette’s work, and more importantly, you should own it.  If you’d like to know more about her work, or possible receive more images, please contact us through this article: art you must acquire.

Pacific Time - Antoinette Wysocki
Title: Pacific Time
Dimensions:  22×30 inches
Materials: on rag paper
mixed media-ink charcoal acrylic graphite
Price: $800.00USD 
 Work on hold for a collector!


BFA 2000, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute 
San Francisco, California 1993-1995 Interdisciplinary 
Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore, Maryland 
1995,2004 Continuing Education, Corcoran College of Art Washington, DC 

Antoinette is an expressionistic painter that uses mixed media on organic material. Creating images of an obsessive repetitive nature, by use of  manipulating various mediums that change and metamorph into a recognizable theme. 

Through bold brush strokes, violent colors, and often heavy inks; she lures the viewer into close introspection of the organic forms. A diary is then revealed of hidden drawings and text that seduce the viewer to be a voyeur for a moment into her world.. 

Antoinette was a grant recipient for an artist program through the Sante Fe Art Institute. Antoinette has shown in galleries in San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, New Mexico, New York, London,  as well as the Washington DC metropolitan area, including the Mid Atlantic Painters exhibition at Mary Washington College. Antoinette has worked as an artist-in-residence with inner city schools in San Francisco, assisted in public art pieces with the San Francisco Art Education Project, worked with emotionally disturbed adolescence in the District as a Special Education teacher and created community service programs for students with severe emotional disturbances. Antoinette is a member of the Washington Project for the Arts/Corcoran, a founding member of  and currently resides in Washington, DC.