Barry Schmetter

Barry Schmetter is a fine photographer. His work is quite impressive. He often uses alternative process photography with 4×5 negatives. Large format photography is an art and a passion, and he’s a master. Recently he’s been tackling wet-plate “Collodion” images which are incredibly time consuming, however for our 3rd pick, we are selecting a very clean photograph of a vacuum tube. This image is perfect for an art collector, especially for an audiophile. These images have wonderful clarity, and I need a copy for my personal studio. If you’re a musician, an audio lover, an art collector, or anyone with a passion for technology or photography, you need this print!

Artist: Barry Schmetter
Title: Vacuum Tube #2
Price: $285
17 X 25″ pigment ink print, framed and matted, edition of 20

“The vacuum tube photographs are part of an ongoing series on generative technologies–significant technological achievements with far reaching cultural and societal effects. The vacuum tube was part of the foundational technology of mass communications–radio, television, as well as computers. I believe one of the responsibilities of photographers is to bring forth the unseen and the unexamined. My father was an electrical and audio engineer, and I grew up surrounded by electrical components including crates of vacuum tubes. I found the endless variations of tubes fascinating–each one contained a small world of architectural forms. These typologies examine the subtle variations in technological and functional form.”
-Barry Schmetter

Barry Schmetter has been a photographer for over 20 years and is currently working with large format cameras and historical photographic processes. A work from his Memory Series is currently part of the FotoWeek DC group show at the Warehouse Gallery in Washington, D.C.