Introducing our second pick for our Art you must acquire project:

Gratification was created by Michael Janis, an amazing artist.  His work is strong and powerful.  His technique is growing, and he continues to develop new series and directions at every turn.  If you intend to collect art, you must own some of his work.  Start here:


Title: Gratification
Author: Michael Janis
Sgraffitto technique, glass & steel
Price: $500
Dimensions are 20″ x 20″ x 2″

The basis of imagery started as soft-core pornography, where he pixelated a (severely cropped) image and created square separately, using crushed black powdered glass. The individual squares were then re-assembled & fused together.
Artist bio:

Born in Chicago, IL
Lives and works in Washington, DC

I first began working with glass in Australia during the 1990’s, where my architectural projects received international design awards. I returned to the United States and moved to Washington, DC in 2003, and became part of the Washington Glass School teaching courses in high relief cast glass. I became Co-Director of the Washington Glass School in 2005.

My artwork involves kilnworking my fused glass images together in an uneasy juxtaposition or creating a transparent environments where reflections and shadows remove all boundaries. With a technique called “sgraffito” where figures and forms are shaped by manipulating glass dust with sifters, brushes and scalpel blades. The delicate nature of glass powder is exploited and the frit powder images can be changed by the slightest tap. My goal is to move glass from craft and technique-driven work towards content-driven artwork.

Working in various glass techniques, I teach at the Washington Glass School, and have taught at the international glass center: The Glass Furnace in Istanbul, Turkey and at the Penland School of Crafts.

My work is part of the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is also featured in the new international book about the best in glass art and design; 50 Distinguished Contemporary Artists in Glass.

My themes deal with issues of identity and transformation, and my latest series is based on Tarot Card imagery. 

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