Why is art space important?

Often, there are many restrictions on creativity, directly related to space.  If you’re a painter, in the best situation, you’ll have to pull out drop cloths, set up your equipment, pallets, and go.  By then you may have lost an idea or some inspiration.  Then you have to clean up, pack up, and hope that your day to day life doesn’t have a negative impact on how the paintings dry.  In a studio, you walk in the door, and there’s energy, you’re ready to work.  When you’re done, you cover up your work, and walk.  When you return, it’s as you left it.  With many art forms it’s the same.  It’s so incredibly important to have a space dedicated to your work with the equipment you need, and nothing holding you back.  No one complaining that your halochrome is stinking your living space up, or that we all go out to dinner smelling like linseed oil.   It’s privilege to work in an environment set up for art.

You can read more about the need for space here.

Welcome to artdc.com

This site will soon grow to be a larger resource for the ideas and developments with in an art studio in NE Washington, DC on NY ave.  The studio lives in 411 NY Ave  with a number of other art and wood working studios.  The building also inhabits other art related business like General Type.  

We’re pleased to be there.  It’s tough to find good art friendly space in Washington, DC.  We’ve grown and housed several excellent artists.  Our space limited, as there is only room for 5 artists, but we’re excited to use that space to foster creativity and allow our community to grow. 

Currently we have painters, wood workers, mixed media artists and a photographer.  Details to follow soon.